2016 DCC L.E.A.D. With Comics

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Jail. Not a place most of us think about on a daily basis. Not a place many of us know.


But as we move through our own work, activities, chores and pursuits each week, there is a significant portion of the adult population that wakes, eats, talks, reflects, waits and sleeps inside a jail cell somewhere nearby.


Pop Culture Classroom’s LEAD With Comics program is designed to bring literacy, art and personal transformation to these individuals in the format of a class based on graphic novels.


And through the exploration of these artistic and literary texts, students develop their own voices in class discussions, their artistic abilities through new art lessons and assignments, and their storytelling abilities through written and oral prompts.


Pop Culture Classroom is proud to share with you some of the work these inmates have created in these classes. Many of them haven’t drawn since elementary or middle school. Others haven’t often had the experience of submitting a story and having their literary efforts affirmed. For many, this represents their first published work.


Proceeds from the sales of LEAD #1 will benefit the continuation of this transformational program.


Written by



Pencils by




Dion Harris

Jay Peteranetz

Matt Strackbein


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Pop Culture Classroom


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24 Pages


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13+ Only