Storytelling Through Comics (STC) - Digital

$ 50.00

Storytelling Through Comics (STC) is an exciting literacy and arts curriculum that introduces students to comic book and pop culture, enhances their literacy abilities, and promotes their artistic skills using comic books.

Designed for 9-14 year old students (Grades 4-9), the STC curriculum features a wide range of unique, highly versatile drawing and literacy lessons designed to help students build self-esteem, acquire real world problem-solving skills, and express themselves in ways previously unavailable to them.

After purchase, you will receive a download link via email with further instructions on how to download and view the STC product and included materials.


One (1) digital download of the 68 page curriculum

  • 3 Weeks of Literacy and Art Lesson Plans
  • Common Core Lesson Alignment
  • Comprehensive pre and post assessments and rubrics
  • Resources for those new to comic books
  • All necessary handouts
  • Downloads are available for up to 21 days after purchase

26 page PDF of Action Lab Entertainment's Princeless #1 comic book

“Princeless” is an award-winning comic book about a young princess named Adrienne being kept by her parents in a tower guarded by a dragon, so that a worthy prince might rescue her. Adrienne is unimpressed both with this plan and with the gents who have tried (and failed) to rescue her, escapes on her own, commandeers her dragon guardian, puts on some left-behind armor, and heads off to rescue her five similarly trapped sisters. This comic book features stunning artwork, plus light and fun storytelling for all ages!

  • Downloads are available for up to 28 days after purchase

Video art lessons

  • Access to online library of 36 (over 90 minutes) video art lessons
  • Downloads are available for up to 1 year after purchase

Comes with the full version of the Princeless #1 audio version for visually impaired students, produced by Pop Culture Classroom.